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Kanding to Chengdu

June 05, 2011 By: abi Category: News, Uncategorized

Another random photo moment with a solo cyclist at the top of a windy pass. I could do with a big banner like that for this trip!

It was a sweet 50 kilometre gradual downhill after leaving Kanding.

We say goodbye to Tibetan China but still have big mountain ranges and stunning views to keep us busy/happy/exhausted!

Enjoying the view before a hard 20 kilometre climb.

It was a scorching 45 degrees that day and so incredibly windy that Jaye and I had to get off our bikes and walk for an hour. Then we went through a 4000 metre tunnel and on the other side was this weather system:



It was a completely different eco-system on the other side of the huge mountain we just ploughed through.
Probably one of the strangest moments of the trip!

The wonderful Zhilam hostel, Kanding where we met a lovely Scottish guy and many Americans who live in Chengdu.

And the view from the Hostel; Gongga Shan which stands at 24,790 feet high.

Another awkward photo moment!

The Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre in Chengdu was an incredible experience.

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