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CycleInstead Bike Services Launched Today

April 21, 2014 By: abi Category: News

We are open for business!
Time to get the bike unlocked and on the road? Flat tyre? Needing a touch of specialist attention?
Fully qualified, highly experienced, expertly trained, with a real passion for mechanics and cycling – CycleInstead Bike Services is Edinburgh’s first female bike maintenance business.

CycleInstead Bike Services is offering a 20% discount on any service for the first 10 bookings.

Get in touch to book for the discount by clicking CONTACT in the menu bar.

I MADE IT! Over 11,000 kilometres cycled and over 15,000 traveled

November 03, 2011 By: abi Category: News

Looking out the window at the Firth of Forth and sitting on a comfy sofa with a glass in my hand as I write this. Only a slight dull ache in both my quadriceps reminds me that up until yesterday I had been on the road for 7 months.  I keep having to look at my bicycle computer to check the odometer to make sure its real. Yup, every time I look it still says the same thing

I am left with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment as I cast my mind over the memories of vast deserts, breath taking heights and sunsets never to forget.

Every single one of those 209 days in the saddle called for determination and an ability to keep going whatever the weather, no matter how sore my body was and however bored of turning pedals I was. It was the thought of cycling into Edinburgh and being home, finally, that kept me going…just one revolution at a time.

Head down and punching the sky, the feeling of completion and accomplishment was overwhelming!

with the SAMH crew

The committee know how to make a girl feel special!

posing for the press


I've never loved a sign like I loved that one that day!


I have so many more great photos from the last month to sort through and a few funny stories so keep checking back for updates, there really are some stunning images from the last few weeks on the road. And PLEASE don’t forget to donate if you already haven’t, just a few pounds will make a difference.

Also, it’s time to CeilidhInstead here in Edinburgh. To celebrate the money raised for SAMH and to say a big thanks to all of CycleInstead’s supporters we are having a fundraising ceilidh on Friday 11/11/11

please email me at for details

Thanks for all you support and see you soon,


Almost home!

October 26, 2011 By: abi Category: News

After 11,000 kms on the bike there are only 3 days between me and a cold Irn Bru! I will be cycling in to Edinburgh in Saturday 29 th October and you could cycle with me. The more people on bicycles the better and there are 3 places you can join the ride.
Dunbar at 10am
Haddington at 11am
Or The Dalriada pub in Portobello at 1pm
If you don’t feel like cycling (I know how you feel!) then you can also help by shaking a collecting tin!
Please email the chair of the committee for more details at
Looking forward to seeing you!

Germany, Ich Liebe Dich!

October 07, 2011 By: abi Category: News

Approaching the German town of Passau, just over the border.

A quick change of plan early in the morning in Austria had me heading for Germany instead of the Czech Republic. I had followed the Danube for 3 weeks by now and was determined to follow it to it’s source in Donaueshingen.

By doing this I avoided the bitter cold of Northern Europe for a few more weeks and intended to get a couple of days cycling in France which would be a pleasant change to my route.

A very quiet Tuesday morning cycling in Germany through tunnels like this and forest single track. I was dreaming of a full suspension mountain bike all day!

Such a still and calm day for cycling. The blue sky makes it look warm.....but it wasn't! I've gone soft after 4 years away from Scottish weather.

I came round a corner and over a bridge and came face to face with this stunning view! I captured the essence of it with the panorama function on my wee point-and-shoot camera.

One of the last signs for the Eurovelo 6 route that I have been following all the way along the Danube from Bulgaria.


Weird thing that happens in Tuttlingen, Germany: The Danube disappears under the ground for 12 kms. Here's me standing on the bed of the river with my bike. only a day ago I was getting big ferries across it!

The source of the Danube! I followed this beautiful and diverse river all the way from Bulgaria, almost 2000 kilometres. What a sense of accomplishment as I stood over the source, threw a euro penny in and made a wish.



A taste of Austria

October 06, 2011 By: abi Category: News

From Slovakia I continued to cycle West into Austria. This was the second open border of the whole trip so far and I still felt a bit naughty freely cycling past the old border gates between the two countries. The Eurovelo 6, the cycle route, was clearly signposted as I entered Austria so onwards I went and was able to stay off the busy roads.

Just a wee sign is all you get for a border crossing now

The last of the Slovakian bicycle signs

....and after only 107 kilometres, I am in Vienna. Beautiful.

I got completely freaked out by this. How does he do it? Please comment if you have an idea and put me out of my misery!

Austria made life easy for me for week or so.... such amazing scenery and FLAT roads!

Me and my amazing Mum cycling through villages in Austria. Totally and utterly blown away by her and my Dad's support on this trip. Happy days!

Misty morning over the Danube

Dream-like cycle roads that follow the curves of this mighty river.

REALLY misty morning over the Danube!!

Each day on the road you just don't know where you will end up. This morning I arose to a heavy haar in an Orchard only reachable by boat or bicycle.




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